Traffic Offenses

Driving Offenses

Many drivers in Florida take motor vehicle violations lightly. Many believe they can fight these charges on their own, particularly if they believe they have done nothing improper. However, this is an unwise decision, one that could have long-term consequences.

Fighting Insurance & Licensing Violations

Before you can face a charge of driving with no registration or insurance, or driving without a license, with a suspended or expired license, police must have a valid reason to make a traffic stop. Unless there is reasonable suspicion that you committed a traffic violation such as driving erratically, failing to yield or stop, you cannot be stopped by law enforcement (unless they have evidence you are involved in criminal activity). If you are facing charges of driving without proper licensing, registration, or insurance contact an attorney immediately. The first step will be to review the reasons you were stopped. Once this is done, your attorney will help plan a defense.

Causes of License Suspension or Revocation

Keep in mind, your license can be suspended because you failed to pay child support or because you accumulated too many points on your driving record. This is one of the reasons we encourage people to fight back against any type of driving citation, including speeding, reckless driving, or failure to yield. Oftentimes, drivers pay these tickets right away to avoid missing work and having to go to court. This can cause you accumulating points on your license.

Reckless Driving, & Other Driving Offenses

If Law Enforcement believe you are driving in a “willful or wanton” manner, you can be stopped and criminally charged for reckless driving. However, the prosecutor would have to prove that the driving was more than merely careless.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident or Eluding Law Enforcement

A late-night drive on an unfamiliar road could be a recipe for disaster. You hit a mailbox, a tree, or a parked vehicle but no one is around. You check the damage and make sure no one is injured and realize the damage is minimal, so you decide to leave. This is considered leaving the scene of an accident and today, with many homes equipped with surveillance cameras, you could be arrested.

Charges of eluding law enforcement occur if you fail to stop when signaled by a police officer, or if you engage in a chase.

If you are facing a motor vehicle charge in Florida, particularly in Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, or Punta Gorda, contact the Law Offices of Cavanaugh & Cavanaugh, P.A. immediately upon being notified of the charges. They will work with you to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.