Excellent Attorney (05.23.19)

“Dan returned my email promptly. He offered options in handling my questions and concerns, he is a great listener and gives great feedback. Everything was done in a timely manner. Very professional and personable. Would highly recommend.”

– Cristian (Avvo)

Fantastic Lawyer (05.21.19)

“Dan is a superb lawyer. He is very professional and won both of my cases. He is very knowledgeable and thorough in his work. I would definitely hire Dan in the future. Extremely pleased!”

– Brandi (Avvo)

Above and Beyond (05.15.19)

“My case was kinda complicated,and Mr Cavanaughs was very thorough and did an amazing job,gave me all the best options that benefited me, kept me well informed,he took less so I would get more, I highly recommend him , If I find myself in need of an attorney in the future, I’m not even going to hesitate, he will be the first one I call.”

– Lloyd (Avvo)

Best Outcome (05.12.19)

“Daniel Cavanaugh made us feel confident we had the right person after having interviewed four other attorneys. He is a good listener and was able to convey his approach in a manner that is easily understood. He was successful in obtaining the best possible outcome.

I would also like to add the ability to correspond and track everything about my case through their portal was fantastic.”

– Anonymous (Avvo)

Great Lawyer (05.03.19)

“Mr. Cavanaugh is the best lawyer that someone can hire. He is very understandable, explains you everything you need to know and what to expect,and always answers your questions. His prices are also reasonable and he is very professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that would need a lawyer.”

– Loreta (Avvo)

Great Defense Attorney (04.24.19)

“I can honestly say Dan, was as good as help as i could of asked for in my situation. was always communitave with me & let me know the process/conclusion as easy & understandable as could be. Was always om time to my court appearances. & was by my side to help with everything. Made me feel comfortable during & after. i highly recommend Mr. Cavanaugh for any kind of traffic issue.”

– Mauro (Avvo)

A prompt, efficient and reasonable attorney in my matter. (04.20.19)

“Mr. Cavanaugh returned my initial call and follow up promptly. He offered options in handling our concerns and responded quickly throughout the process. Everything was done in a timely manner to its conclusion. Very professional and personable as well.”

– Patricia (Avvo)

Excellent Lawyer (04.17.19)

“Daniel goes beyond and does all he can to help his clients, he is extremely professional and very good at listening to your needs, I felt in very good hands with him, and was always informed of everything, I definitely recommend him.”

– Ariana (Avvo)

Excellent attorney helped me out a lot! (03.28.19)

“After contacting Mr. Cavanaugh he immediately started working with me to help me win my case, I seriously recommend him because he never stops fighting and doing everything in his power to win.”

– Nicolas (Avvo)

Great Experience (03.21.19)

“Mr. Cavanaugh was extremely professional and very helpful he was in contact with me anytime I had questions or needed information. He let me clearly know what I needed to do and by when. He handled my case extremely well and was able to get it dismissed. I would recommend mr. Cavanaugh if you ever needed a criminal defense lawyer.”

– Stephen (Avvo)

Best Attorney (01.22.19)

“By far the best attorney. When over everything before and after. Keep us inform all the time. The extra miles to complete his service. He did more that we expected. Great service and communication all the time. Recommend.”

– Alex (Avvo)

Dan is an exceptional lawyer. (11.13.17)

“Dan represented my family with our daughter, he has gone beyond the normal to help my daughter while she was very vulnerable and sick. He has succeeded to win the cade for u”

– Kerrine (Avvo)

He truly cares about his clients (10.06.17)

“My experience with Dan is that he really listens to his clients needs. Upon review then he is very honest with your assessment. Unlike some lawyers his offices doesn’t milk you for all your money with unnecessary meetings. Thanks Dan.”

– Ray (Avvo)

Muy Excellente (10.02.17)

“Los dos abogados hicieron muy buen trabajo, me dijeron todo sobre mi caso. Lucharon mucho para ganar mi caso, hicieron in excellente trabajo. Nosotros estamos muy agradecidos con ellos y todas las personas cuales trabajan en la oficina. Le recomiendo los abogados ya que hacen un excellente trabajo con sus clientes.”

– Freddie (Avvo)

Outstanding Lawyer (09.29.17)

“First of all i would like to give thanks to Daniel M Cavanaugh for always being a very supported lawyer thanks to him I was able to win my case. I sincerely appreciate for all of the support Daniel has given me. For being able to guide me though my difficult situation i was in. He did such an outstanding job representing me. He showed excellent service. He treated me with honest and respect. Daniel was profesional just the kind of lawyer i was looking for.”

– Heriberto Gonzalez (Avvo)